We’ll schedule maintenance, respond to emergency repair calls, change toilets, fix appliances, cut the grass, shovel the snow, rake the leaves, clean out the eaves troughs, and coordinate repairs. All so you don't have to.

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Property Maintenance

Property maintenance is necessary, and arranging it can be time-consuming and tricky. We consult with you to calendarize all maintenance in advance. Whether it's grass cutting or furnace inspections, or perhaps more specialized work like testing the fire system or cleaning the common areas, we customize the maintenance plan to suit the needs of your home.

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Repair calls are unpredictable and can be incredibly disruptive to your property and tenant. We're available 24/7 to respond to emergencies and communicate with your tenants. We work with trades we trust to get the work done right and keep costs under control.

Owner Portal
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See what we see

We built a client portal to put real-time financial statements and inspection reports (complete with photos) at your fingertips. See how the tenant is treating your investment, wherever you are.

What our portal tells you >

Keep it rented, collected,
& quiet

We provide peace of mind to investors who own houses, condo units, and multiplexes. Our professionally-managed rental properties span the Greater Toronto Area, and our services have become synonymous with worry-free tenancies.

Our team

At your service

LandLord clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having full access to the largest team of property management experts in Toronto.

Your dedicated account manager has at their disposal leading edge technology – allowing us to tailor your individual service package while managing more than a billion dollars in Toronto rental properties for investors in 60 countries.

Tenant Search & Screen

What does a good tenant look like?

The value of your investment property hinges on the placement of responsible tenants. Unforeseen vacancies can seriously impact cash flow. We’ve successfully screened and placed hundreds of tenants each year, for two decades. Our process has yielded an eviction rate of less than one percent.

How we find the best tenants >

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Show you the money

Understanding your rental income and your property’s month-to-month expenses are crucial – we’ve created an easy to understand financial portal to summarize your financials at a glance.

Bill Payment Services

Keeping on top of paying property tax, utilities and repair bills can be irritating – and if you’re out of the country, nearly impossible. We ensure the bills are paid on time; it’s simple, convenient, and it comes as a standard part of our service.

We’ll give you a year end statement that summarizes all of the expenses, categorized by type. When tax time rolls around, everything you’ll need will be at your fingertips, online – ready for your accountant.

Rent Collection

Rent collection can be tedious. We monitor rent collection and pursue defaults.

We also offer our tenants several options for convenient rental payments. In addition to pre-authorized debit, we're also equipped to allow tenants to pay their rent online, just as they would their monthly bills. The added convenience to our tenants often results in prompt rental payments which you can easily track online via your financial portal.


Out of the country?
What you need to know.

If you’ve moved out of the country, or are investing from outside Canada, you’ve still got to taxes to remit, and reporting to do. By far the most efficient way to handle your obligations to Canada Revenue is to allow us to deal with them for you, saving you time and money.

Your options & responsibilities >

Protect your investment

Paralegal Services

LandLord's property management expertise allows you to steer clear of potential problems, which helps avoid legal action in the first place. However unlikely, if a situation does arise that requires legal action to be taken, LandLord has access to seasoned paralegals who have experience at the Landlord Tenant Board and are experts on the Residential Tenancies Act.

Property Insurance Program

Property insurance can be hard to buy if you’re a foreign investor. Insurance companies are most comfortable insuring an owner-occupied property. The moment the homeowner moves out, very few insurance companies want to continue coverage unless they can still insure the homeowner’s principal residence. Of course that's not an option if you are moving out of the country.

After 20 years in the business we’ve acquired a number of insurance partners who are happy to work with our clients. We've got you covered.

LandLord Brokerage

rental property manager toronto

Buying or selling?
Talk to us first.

We live and breathe rental properties. We know what makes a good one, and we can spot a bad one a mile away. Our full-service real estate brokerage can help you realize your real estate investment goals.

Learn about LandLord Realty Inc., Brokerage >

Remodeling services

Build Value

Our in-house remodeling team can help unleash the true value of your investment. A completed remodel will not only increase the property’s re-sale value, but will also attract higher-calibre tenants, while improving the safety and appeal of the property.

Read more about the value of a reno >

Management Programs

Standard Program

Our Standard Program gives you access to LandLord's complete range of property management services. From rent collection and bill payments to our client portal and the support of our team, this option takes the hassle of property management out of your hands and provides ongoing, full service management of your home.

Enhanced Program

Unpaid rent, or unexpected vacancies can be costly. In these cases, the Enhanced Program's tenant warranty program kicks in, covering the rent until a replacement tenant is secured.

This program is of particular value if you have a fixed expense such as a mortgage to be concerned with. Some terms and conditions apply; contact us to learn more.

Choose what's right for you

Use our management fee calculator to get an idea of what each program includes, and the associated costs.

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