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Remodeling projects are without question a great way to boost the value of a property over the short and long-term. Whether remodeling a multiplex, house, or single unit, the work invested pays substantial dividends.

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As dramatic as many of our remodeling work has been visually, the critical improvements are to rental values and return on investment.

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Rental Value

Increased rental values give any improvements a clear return on investment. A rate of return of 5-15% is common and represents a better return than most other investment vehicles available to those with capital to use. For example, a project totalling $50,000 which improves the rental rate $500 per month provides a return of 12%, paying back the investment in about eight years.

ROI rates generally increase over time with improved rental market conditions. While in year one a 10% ROI might be possible, that could rise multiple points after only a couple of years.

Tenant Value

Improvements tend to increase the quality of the tenant, ultimately supporting the projected return on investment. The benefits of this are difficult to quantify but become apparent in the medium- and long-term.

Resale Value

Every improvement project that we counsel our clients to undertake must project to add at least a dollar in value to each dollar invested.


For owners of multiplexes, there are some additional factors to consider:

Asset Liquidity

Improvements allow you to effectively sell a property when the need arises, and can help mitigate the impact of a softened market on the ultimate sale price. A property that provides financial security affords its owner the most flexibility.


Enhancements can improve the overall safety of an investment property. Eliminating hazards and resolving code violations should be factored in to any remodeling project.


Adhering to all applicable specifications when it comes to ownership of a multi-residential property results in uninterrupted cash flow, peace of mind, and the elimination of an unexpected fine should local authorities or governing bodies deem your investment non-compliant.

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