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There are many details to consider before buying an investment property. Ensure that there is a strong foundation in place before making any decisions.

What you need

What you need

This is the financial part of the foundation upon which a sound investment is built. What gets laid here permanently impacts the strength of your investment.

Initial Investment

Most lenders will require at least a 20% of the purchase price paid as a down payment, which can be funded from a variety of sources. A firm understanding of available options will help you make the right decision.

Affordability range

Once a maximum purchase price has been established for an investment property, we can leverage other variables such as down payment, closing costs, purchaser's income, financing terms, and rental income to help maximize your return.

Financing options

Lenders vary in what they offer for investment properties. Understanding and securing in advance the most appropriate product is necessary.

Startup costs

More than just simple closing costs such as lawyers and taxes, it's about vacancy loss, capital expenses, under-market rents, leasing fees, and more. Know what to expect, to avoid costly surprises.

Land Transfer Tax Calculator


Land Transfer Tax

Your team

Your team

Building on a strong foundation, the input and guidance from a team of experienced professionals will help to acquire the right investment for your portfolio.


Negotiating offers is only a fraction of the Realtor's role. It should start with the identification and analysis of a prospective purchase, and continue long after the deal has closed. Our team of Realtors are also specialists in investment property management.

Property Manager

Buy, Hold, Sell. A property manager is key to the "hold" component of this tried-and-true adage. Professional property management allows an investor to comfortably retain the property and improve its value until the need to sell arises.


Investment property purchases require a lawyer with specialized knowledge and experience.

Insurance Broker

Homeowner policies won't do. Having the right insurance agent ensures that comprehensive coverage is in place in time for closing.


Accountants are often an afterthought for buyers, and shouldn’t be. Speaking to an accountant well-versed in investment properties allows for decisions to be made early-on regarding management of tax implications.

Mortgage Broker

Lenders regard investment properties’ as a higher risk than owner-occupied ones, and reflect that in the terms they offer. Having the right mortgage broker who can tap into multiple lending markets better ensures the terms are as favourable as possible.

Home Inspector

A home inspector can highlight potential expenses and help you create a plan for ongoing, preventative maintenance – the quality of home inspectors vary, making the right choice is critical.


Build Value

Hidden gems in the Toronto real estate market are highly coveted. Finding them is just the start; our remodeling capability helps you brush them off and let them shine, in order to reap their hidden value.

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